About / "To Serve, to Protect, and to Teach."

Al Pittman, Founder and President of Pittman Protective Services, is a man with a mission. He is consistent and constant in taking the steps necessary to provide a safer environment for neighborhoods, communities, cities, and establishing a network of avenues leading to a safer world.

Al Pittman is credited with a number of achievements which add to his basic natural instincts as a protection officer. He has a Black Belt in the Martial Arts, certification in management of assaultive behavior, and an exemplary people skills. It is important to emphasize the confidentiality that is applied to all its clients, and especially when escorting and servicing famous, high-profile personalities. It is Al Pittman's belief that all people are special, important and to be treated so accordingly. He is a man one can depend on; a man who evokes a spirit of a time past when the word spoken was the word one could rely on.